Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blessed with Periyava's darshan in Dream


Today morning I had a dream like which I have never had before. During the whole dream I felt myself in a very elevated state.

(In the dream)
I am called upon to take up a responsibility in a temple. I could see the event headed by H.H.Pudu Periyava. Before entering the temple interior, I find H H Maha Periyava sitting on the right side of the entrance on a wooden plank leaning and supported by another plank. He seemed to be in his late 70's and gestured to me in the most compassionate way, And i prostrate before him and he says the following words accompanied by hand gestures "Vanduttu Po, Poyittu Va" (Come and go, Go and Come). Then he smilingly and lovingly speaks to me (now I do not remember what he said) I was only watching him prostrated and in tears.

(The scene that I could remember is like this, I think I am asked to renounce my family life and take up some activity in the temple, Preparations are also done to tonsure my head, but on the advice of Maha Peryava, I do not take up this...and eventually lead to the displeasure of those who arrange for this event...)

Even In the dream I felt I was in a very elevated mood, and felt the Sanidhyam to be very powerful. I could feel this Sanidhyam even after I awoke from the sleep.

I felt very happy since this was the first Darshan I ever got of Maha Periyava.

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