Monday, October 24, 2011

Thirupagazh Song

"Vizhikku Thunai ThirumenMalar Paadangal
MeyMai kundram MozhiKku Thunai Muruga ENnum Naamangal
Munbu Seida Pazhikku Thunai, Avan PanIru Tholum
Bayanda Thani Vazhikku Thunai, Vadivelum Sengodam Mayuramume"

His holy feet blossomed with soft petals are the only recourse for our eyes
His holy Names MURUGA is the only recourse for our Unpretentious speech
All his 12 holy Arms are our saviour from our past sins/karmas
His holy lance and vehicle are the saviours who accompany us in our fearful last journey

Here ArunagiriNathar has used the word "Naamangal" which is plural, Thirumuruga kripanandavariar once commented that it is in plural to signify that even chanting his holy name once is equal to chanting it 1 Crore times.

- Om Maha Periyava Namaha
- Om Gurubhyo Namaha
- Om Sri Poorna Pushkala Sametha Harihara putra swamine namaha

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