Thursday, December 18, 2014

Divine play...Blessed to be part of it...once again!

Today is Maha periyava's 21st Aradhanai, I feel blessed to share my recent experience. I am a software professional with more than a decade of experience in the industry, but there are few issues, which has kept me from reaching heights in this industry.

I lost my job in the month of March and have been preparing myself and searching for another suitable job, but got none that was suitable.

In my neighborhood there is a Samajam that conducts Anusham Kootu Prarthanai every month on Periyava's Janma Nakshatram.

During the month of September 2014, Anusham Kootu Prarthanai was held on 1st of September, and by now I was very depressed too...During the pooja, There is a Prarthanai time where everyone will pray for the well being of our Defence personnel gaurding our motherland, service personnel involved in 24 hour service, speedy recovery of convalescents in hospital, and well being of the entire world in general etc.

During this time, I told Maha Periyava that this is all I can bare and I need a job before next Anusham kootu prarthanai.

A week or two later I walked into a office to attend a interview and within a week, I got to know I have been selected and was asked to Join duty on 29th September. This is the kind of work I have been looking for and all looks good, though it is a small company with a smaller pay package.

On 29th Sep, I joined duty and in the evening attended the Anusham kootu prarthanai in my neighbourhood temple....Yes, 29th September was again Anusham star (September 2014 had two Anushams).

I requested him, that I need a job by next Anusham and Karunamoorthy erased my karma and ensured that I join work on the next Anusham.....How to thank him (not only for the Job) but for considering me worthy of his Anugraham and bringing me under his motherly care.

Only one thing comes to my mind now, from a song sung my M.S Amma.

"Enna perum thavam...yaan seidhen ariyene... Ennaiyum Kanchi Muni...Aat Kondathen Solven......"

Thennaduya Periyava Potri...Ennattavarkkum Eraiva Potri...


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