Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Article: Three great things in life

Three great things in life

Only by god's grace a person gets these three things in life

One : Taking birth as a human being and not a animal or a lesser life form

Two: Desire to realize the truth

Three: Blessed with a learned guru

These are the three great things one gets only by the grace of God, according to Adi Sankaracharya in his work "Viveka Chudamani"

Hence this life that is bestowed upon us is very precious, we must make full use of it to realize who we are and why we are born!!!

According to saint Avvaiyyar

Rare is it to take human form
Rare than that is to be born without being deaf, blind, dumb or any handicap
Even if you are born without any defects
Rare it is to be blessed with knowledge, education
Even if you receive knowledge and education
Rare it is to perform penance and charity
If you do perform penance and charity
The gates of heaven lay open for you!!!

Let us not waste our time in pursuing worldly pleasures which we will one fine day lose for certain, why run behind temporary excitement there is a bliss to be attained.

Sri Hari Narayana ! Sri Hari Narayana !

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