Friday, May 7, 2010

Story: The Limping Horse

A King had a favourite horse. All of a sudden for no reason, the horse started limping. The
veterinarians of the palace examined it, but could not find any clinical reasons for the defect in its legs. It became a great puzzle and problem for the king. So, he went to a saint to find a solution.

The saint saw the horse, touched it with love and made it walk. It was limping. The saint asked the king, "How do you train your horse?" The king said "By able trainers". "Did you change the trainer recently?" asked the saint. "Yes. He is an expert in science of horse training".

The saint thought for a while and asked, "Is the new trainer suffering from any discomfort in his leg?"

The king said, "Yes, he had a leg injury and he limps while walking."

The saint explained, "Dear king, this is the reason for the limping of your horse. It is imitating the trainer. Get someone who walks majestically like a horse. The the horse will also take majestic steps."

Parents and teachers should be ideal role models since children will imitate them.

Source: Tattvaloka Magazine

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