Monday, May 31, 2010

Events: Maha Periyava Jayanthi 2010 - Day 6


117th Jayanthi Celebration Of Kanchi Maha Swamigal - 2010

Today was Maha Periyavas 117th Jayanthi Celebrated. There is a whole lot of activities planed for the whole day. Following are the events organized.

Aavahanthi Homam
Sooktham , Upanishad Parayanam
Mahanyasa Poorva Ekadasa Rudhra Parayanam
Rudhra Homam
Abhishekam to Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Maha Periyava
Maha Deeparadhanai
Thiruvillakku Poojai
Social Program
Maha Periyavas Veedhi Ula
Maha Deeparadanai & Prasadam

I reached there around 7 in the morning, Oh God, the atmosphere was just divine with the morning sunshine slowly increasing its shine, the temple was drenched in homam smoke and parayanam. Samajam people were still busy completing the decoration (They have been working whole night). Even this early temple people were distributing sweet pongal which was piping hot. Then one by one the crowd started to gather and sun god also came to witness the celebrations (It was so HOT). Temple people were constantly distributing buttermilk, coffee and tender coconut water also.

Click the below video to see the celebration

Afternoon 12:30 there was a sumptuos Annadhanam, It was so tasty that i ate so much i couldn't move about. It was very fulfilling (Periyavas prasadam).

Evening, there was a vilakku poojai and few blessed souls got the oppurtunity to take Maha Periyava as a procession on their shoulders, What punyam these atmas should have done !!!

With this the celebrations for this year drew to a end,eagerly waiting for the next Jayanthi Celebration.

|| Hara Hara Sankara , Jaya Jaya Sankara ||
|| Hara Hara Sankara , Jaya Jaya Sankara ||
|| Hara Hara Sankara , Jaya Jaya Sankara ||

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