Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Story: Horseman's four questions

Dwapara yugam was nearing its end, Dharmar was pacing towards the palace entrance looking agitated and worrisome.

Earlier, a horse trader had come to sell his horses, strangely he did not want any thing in cash or kind for his horses. instead he wanted the pandava brothers to answer his four questions corectly, failing which they have to remain trapped in a circle of defeat drew by the horseman. Pandava brothers agreed to this and failing to answer the questions got into the circle of defeat.

Shocked to hear this Dharmar now rushed to the palace to save his brothers. Brothers looked pathetic and helpless in the circle of defeat.

Dharmar pleaded with the horseman to release his brothers, Horseman was firm in his decision but offered to release them if Dharmar could answer his four questions. Dharmar readily agreed to this.

Horseman asked the first question "When i was riding into your country i saw a strange sight, there was a huge dry well, and a coin was hanging in the mouth of the well, and a huge hillock was resting on the coin." Can you explain what this sight meant?

Dharmar replied "This sight is a indication that kali yug is nearing, It means that people will drift away from righteousness, their good deeds will be the size of the small coin only, and their sins will be the size of a hillock.

It the course of time the coin (their good deeds) will be crushed by the weight of their sins and eventually they will fall into hell (well)"

Satisfied with the reply, the horseman released Beema.

"Now answer my next question" said the horseman and asked his next question.

"On the way i saw five wells, one big well in the middle and four small wells on its four sides. Water was overflowing from the well in the middle. I could see that when the smaller wells got depleated with water the bigger well allowed its water to fill the smaller ones, but when the large well went deplete, the smaller wells did not care to flow water to the bigger well" What do you make out of this.

Dharmar thought for some time and said "This again is a indication of Kali yug, The big well in the middle is the father and the four wells signify his children, the father will strive hard and sacrifice his life to raise his children and when he gets exhausted his children will not reciprocate the sacrifices and will not care for him."

Horseman was visibly happy with this reply and released Arjuna, then he continued with the third question

"Another sight i saw shocked me completely, i saw an cow drinking milk from its calf, what does this mean"

Now Dharmar realised that this horseman is the Kali Purushan and replied with tears running his cheaks.

"O Kali purusha, this is the most shocking act parents will do in kali yuga, the parents will try to make money using their children by arranging functions and collecting money from relatives. moreover some parents will also sell their children for money or send them to work and also thrust their ego on the children. They will expect their children to act in ways to satisfy their ego among their friends and society."

"You are right!!!" said the Horseman and released Nakul, and continued with his last question.

"In the forest i saw a strange animal, and it was speaking out words which was very unpleasant to hear. and it was not eating through its mouth and moreover it was eating food which sent shiver down my body. what is this animal".

Dharmar replied "O Kali purusha, it is not surprising that you witness such sights, hereafter you are going to rule this world. DharmaM will be uprooted, scholars will reject righteousness, in the name of rationalism, good life of people will be destroyed. Only lies, theft, curruption, murder.....and other evil things will prevail and become normal. People will live life only for others sake. jealousy, over ambition, war will be on the increase. Empathy will be scarce. Learned people will slip from the righteousness, all Dharmams will be brushed aside, new deseases will be on the rise, rains will fail, famine and poverty will increase, People wanting to follow Dharmams will be ridiculed....."

Dharmar continued with grief "O Kali purusha enough of this life..." and tears burst out from his eyes.

Kali purushan payed his tributes to Dharmar and said "O Dharma, i will not come till you rule and will have to eventually come once your are gone...." Saying this he released Sahadev also and went away.

Source: Shakthi Vikatan

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