Thursday, May 13, 2010

Article: Want to go faster?

A plane was flying across indian ocean, a young passenger was frantically walking up and down the aisle.

An elderly passenger was amused by this man's behaviour and asked him

"Why such restlessness ?"

"I want to reach my destination fast." replied the young man

"Your frantic walk will not help you reach faster" smilingly said the elder passenger

Taken aback, the young man asked "What are your coming to ?"

The elder passenger replied "This plane is going in its designated speed, your haste is not going to accelerate the plane"

"Yes, i know! i can't help being restless. What to do ?"

"Go and sit in your place, relax, and look they are serving something. Take it and eat" Said the elderly

And further continued....

"Look here son, this world is also just like this, it is following its own rhythm, but we humans want to hasten the worlds

speed, this has resulted in so much distress"

"I do not completely get this." Said the young passenger and the elder starts to reply

"Do not be in a frantic and hurried search, there is no place that you can reach to call that a destination. Learn to live life in a natural ambience, only then your journey called life will be smooth"

The young man reclined in his seat and started pondering on this thought, suddenly he remembered a humorous anecdote.

A man was walking down a street with a piece of paper in his hand containing a address, he stopped a passer-by and asked him

"How long will it take to reach this place?"

The passer-by replied

"If you walk, it will take 40 minutes"

"If i want to reach sooner ?"

"Hmm, take a cycle you will reach in 20 minutes"

"I want to reach even sooner"

"Then go by a taxi, you will reach in 10 minutes"

"Not good enough, i want to be there in 5 minutes, is there a way out?"

"Ok, then do one thing. Do you see a dog there?, throw a stone real hard on it, it will start chasing and you will reach in 5 minutes"

Smiling to himself, the young man started to read a magazine and the plane also reached his destination. Now the young man walked in a composed manner and his speed was certainly slow than earth's speed !!!

Author : Thenkatchi Ko Swaminathan
Source : Shakthi Vikatan

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